Byroglyphics: Art or Design?

Byroglyphics. Where surgical Sin City-esque freehand meets ‘Shit! I’ve just spilt coffee on my work!’

I love the risk/reward notion behind Byroglyphics’ work; the man has some serious balls! I mean… imagine the time spent drawing this woman. The pressure of capturing an emotion that – at the stroke of a biro, can be wrecked so easily. And then when you finally think you’ve nailed it, you go throw a sh*t load of acrylics all over her face! Now that takes some stones…

It’s little wonder then that, at times, I think his experimental approach can be his undoing. I look through his gallery and think – ‘Ooohhh, you shouldn’t have added that… If only that was over here, and there was a little less of this…’ But isn’t that what art is all about? Opinion?

I often wonder about the difference between art and design; and good old Byroglyphics has come up with the answer. Consistency. If artists were consistent, they would be boring – predictable. But consistent design is strong and cohesive. Consistency breeds trust. I trust Nike that if I buy these trainers, they will make me run faster… I trust Levi’s that these jeans won’t fall apart in the first wash… I trust Lynx that their new scent will help me with the ladies… All these brands are saying the same thing now as they did when they first arrived in our fickle commercial lives. Belief is contagious. Just ask Jesus…

To become a success, an artist only has to convince one squillionaire. A designer has to convince the rest of the world…

Good luck!

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